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Edward Green, Dover, 808, size 9, in Brandy Willow.  
If he lists a Canali for $2000, how much do you think he'll list a Kiton suit for?
Well, I don't really mean that extreme. Pants from Neapolitan tailors are generally slim-legged anyway --- but never tight like those on RLPL. I don't really like flat front pants, especially from RTW, as they are so difficult to fit.
Quote: Is it me or do a lot of these fellows sport a bit too much sock -- i.e. their trousers are too short? Kent, in time you'll realize that having pants with thinner legs and shorter (or even no) break is the signature of a shoe freak --- with pants like that you see more of your own shoes when walking. I have a pair of Oxxford pants that are classically tailored: a little flair and decent break; the problem is, it covers almost half my shoes and...
Well, Meiting was here only for the weekend. We met on Friday, and I brought him to Jantzen that same afternoon --- he had a fitting the following day and picked up the finished suit on Sunday. I don't think Chan could make it even logistically. If he'd stayed just two more days, I'd have brought him to Patrick (at Chan). I didn't get to see the finished suit as I wasn't free on Sunday, but the fitting looked alright, and the total price was about US$650 --- one suit,...
It will most likely come out on the 29th of the month, just like all the others. We'll probably going to see a long line at each of our local Japanese bookstore on that morning ...
This is a joke, right?
The following pictures are taken from LAST, volume 4. There are other topics in this issue besides shoes too. (My Volume 3 is will Koji ... so I can't post any scans.)
I started using eBay in early 2000, and started selling on eBay in early 2001.  I have never used any other auction services. And yes, "auspiciousone" has been around since the 'beginning'.
In conjunction with all the "who makes for who" thread, I would like to collect information of different watch makers and their out-source contracts, like Swatch makes the movements for whoever, etc., and those who makes them in-house.
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