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If you want to do law, do not mind the heat, but want to avoid traffic or much of a commute, seems like New Orleans would be perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will I was planning to order a Harris tweed jacket in a couple of weeks and recall that someone posted a negative opinion about the Porter & Harding Harris offerings. Scabal has some half width 15 oz stuff at high prices. Minnis has some 13 ounce cloth at low prices. And there is always W. Bill. Given the problems with Harris a couple seasons ago, I'd be greatful for opinions as to the best quality cloth currently...
All of those problems ( but no. 4) can be cured by asking your tailor to send you swatches, including larger cuttings if necessary, of the cloths you have chosen from the books.
They look terrific. Do you recall the cloth numbers?
Forgive me if this has been posted but I was surprised to find a W. Bill Facebook page - Is Smith Woollens next?
I recently tried on a summer suit I had not worn in a while. The coat is tighter than the last time I wore it which is no surprise as I am slightly larger. What is surprising is that the hem of the coat at the sides and the back tend to pull up and curl in while on. Is this a function of being too tight in the chest and shoulders? My only other thought is that the lining itself is not full enough and is pulling the cloth with it when it moves. Has anyone else dealt...
You may want to consult Dominic Casey at Cleverley's. I believe he has a background in orthopaedic shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by dk_ace Are seersucker and white shoes common? Absolutely not. If you want to wear them fine, but if you're doing it to fit in or just not stand out - forget about it. Cotton or linen would be fine as long as you stay with neutral colors (tan, khaki, light grays, etc). High super # wools work too. White shoes? Not a good idea IMO unless you want to stand out loudly. The bottom line about the south in the summer...
The bottom button is not made to be buttoned. Poole and most Savile Row tailors make city waistcoats with six buttons with the bottom "idle" button made in the depicted fashion, in light of the cutom to leave the bottom button undone anyway.
Good to know. I will definitely make a report.
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