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Santa left me a note saying he dropped my gifts at Nordstrum I found these for me last Friday.     $200 Wolverine 1000 mile Evans in blue( but if you see them in person they are really a beautiful aquamarine, neither blue nor green) $112 Wolverine 1000 mile Duval in dark red and full Vibram sole. $170 Red Wing Beckman in black cherry  
Nice thread. I have a few C&J's.   My PTB's are a touch older and more mellow(C&J Polo variety)but serves the purpose of showing how quality Shell ages.   Love the caramel patina and iconic waves.   Roughly 6-7 years old.          
Update   The look of well broken in Shell. Buffed 10 minutes each with a smidgen of cream yesterday.   Quality via Horween and C&J.     Out and about today.      
Another view of the beautiful crocodile tiles,Classic snip toe and very skillful stitching.    
Sanded Nile Crocodile belly in black with snip toe.   Probably made by Stallion or Rios of Mercedez 30-40 years ago for the Billy Martin Western Wear store in NY City.   Butter soft tops made from kangaroo with 14 rows of black and gray stitching.   Recently repatriated.  
Coming up on July 4th, so my bicentennial boots start to make their appearance.     First up......Tony Lama.        
Hollywood Riff Raff   Hand tooled shaft in Spanish calf   Tan chaps split leather vamp, spade sole, faux mule ear pulls, kangaroo piping and lacing.    
How found  
Very Vintage Blucher Boot Co. boot, nicknamed "The Tom Mix Boot" since he wanted the tulip pattern in some of his boots . Probably custom made in the 1960's from the label on the pull.   Lots of nice stitching, and, green, blue, yellow.   Very supple full grain French calfskin in burgundy.         Very nice stitching at the tongue.     That heel is a working cowboy heel, very underslung to engage the stirrup.(And why John...
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