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Is that BCBG as in BCBG Max Azria? I can't imagine those would be good. Bloomingdales has 20% off extra this week and they always have suits on sale, and there's always Nordstrom Rack or Yoox or STP. I think even Jcrew would be a better option than BCBG.
You're all over the place with your selections. If you don't have a navy blazer, I'd suggest you start with that, then go for a grey tweed or herringbone.
The D&G one looks too weird. Too long, lapels are too narrow, pocket flaps are too short. The Burberry one looks ok. Button stance seems a bit high. And with Burberry, you never know what kind of quality you're getting. Just order several different ones from Yoox and return the ones you don't keep. Return shipping is just 6 bucks, and well worth ensuring that you get the right size and jacket.
Nike has also come out with these new legless pants. Just amazing what modern technology does nowadays.
Amazing that the two people who claim to hate BR and this thread are the top 2 posters in this thread. It's like a little boy pushing a girl down and pulling her pigtails because he secretly likes her.
Anyone know if RRL jeans in stores are 40% off?
Quote: Originally Posted by DeLaGhetto What about the shoes and coats? Absolutely no on the shoes unless it's for something small like sandals or boat shoes. Coats are inconsistent. They use a fairly large amount of nylon w/ their wool, but it does soften it up vs. using just 100% cheap wool like H&M or JCrew. Their peacoat looked ok, fairly plain but w/ a ticket pocket. I didn't see anything else worthwhile though based on the design.
Quote: Originally Posted by azlawstudent Anyone have any thoughts on the quality of polo sweaters generally? Are they cut more like the custom fit or classic fit dress shirts? It's getting cold in Arizona... Fabric is good, but they're usually cut too short for my tastes. Barely below my belt buckle. I'm 5'9" and get a M.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche Are you talking about the black AE insoles? I have one pair with those. They don't seem as comfortable as my older AEs with neutral insoles, but they are improving dramatically with wear. Yes the insoles. Do they soften up or form to your feet?
Heel inserts? Insoles? Return? I haven't walked out in pavement, just carpet so far, so it doesn't seem too bad now, but I'd imagine they wouldn't be very comfy when I'm walking for any sort of extended period. And do you size up in length or width if you put in an insole?
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