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Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons If anyone has an 8.5 in either of the non-monkstraps, I am interested. The Stanton's are still available in 8.5 on yoox last I checked.
Cashmere sweaters at M&O are 60 bucks right now. Anyone know how they are compared to JCrew and BR and other mall brands?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 There were but are all gone. What amazes me is that most of the folks here that bought them had no idea what they were buying. They saw PSA+$69 and figured = WIN. No idea about construction, sizing or maker. Yeah, I'm salty. How do you figure? The model names were mentioned early in the thread and a simple search on the board gave me all the info I needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran You know at the end this will only contribute to some extra revenue for USPS? +1 And adds risk, wastes time for him, and raises the final price for the end user. I hope whoever buys from that guy submits and wins a paypal dispute and screws him over. Got the Stanton in 7.5. Plan on using them but might sell if they don't fit well.
Quote: Originally Posted by CRizzy141 One of you stylish bastards has to know what kind of jacket would go well with brown chino/slacks/khaki type pants and a white, navy, or sky blue button up. That's right, I remembered another shirt. I'm coming on strong now.
As the OP, I thought I'd give this update. Ordered 4 different ones on Yoox and settled on a 3b PRL Made in Italy (Corneliani probably) w/ brass buttons for a shade under 300. Currently at tailors right now getting sleeves and waist nipped, hopefully will have fit pics in a couple days. Also, just as a related question, out of the 4, one was a made in spain PRL blazer. Out of curiosity, anyone know when that's from and who the maker is?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lendial That's gotta be the most hilarious thing I've heard all day. I really wonder how Nordstrom deals with habitual abusers of their lax return policy. They deal with it by charging high prices on mediocre brands like HSM and Joseph Abboud and Tommy Bahama. BTW, I'm not saying I do this, and I think I've done it once on a bottle of shoe polish and that's it, but for the poster, it really is the best way. ...
Get the most expensive suit at Nordstrom. Wear it, return it, get some dirty looks, and receive full refund.
Zara or H&M do not qualify as a fine suit. Not even close. There's the list of suit hierarchy I think on like page 2 or 3.
oh my... did kenneth cole somehow switch up the designs or something right before it went to production?
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