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Could be either way. It may be too small and your shoulders are popping out, stretching that area out on your suit or it may be too big, creating divots and the resulting wrinkles when you raise your arm. My guess is the former based on the general evenness of the wrinkles on each shoulder.
Are you really a 33 waist? I'm 5 10, 160, and I'm a 31-32 waist. Maybe your jeans look baggy b/c you're buying them too big?
Is it wrong to wear women's shoes? Two shoes on PRL right now on sale + another 25% off look like regular guy's shoes to me. Comes in black or tan Comes in brown or black Can't get the bigger photo on. Both are made in italy btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Can you post pics next time? I'm serious. I've never heard of such a thing. Crappy iphone photo but that's all I have. No before photo, but it was as bad as it could get. Had those little pills and fuzzing all around. I've actually never heard of the sweater shaver before but will go check one out. I've heard of the sweater stones before but I figured sandpaper was close enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrNick I didn't see that on the site, thanks. JCrew is much better quality. Jcrew is much better quality than PRL? Especially anything made w/ wool from jcrew sucks donkey balls.
What do you guys do to maintain sweaters and knits? I just recently played around with an old PRL lambswool sweater that was experiencing some bad pilling and fuzzing by rubbing the hell out of it with sandpaper. Is that what other people do? It did do a good job of actually fixing the sweater but seeing if there's a better way.
The coat
Yay or nay? About 240 after taxes.
I take mine off to avoid wrinkling while I'm sitting. I slouch down a lot so wearing it while sitting ends up in scrunching up the back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert closest store is a 4-hour drive. is the cashmere worth it? what if i get there and i can't find any left? It's free shipping over $100 and free returns.
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