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Do you more specific examples of why/where your feet are hurting? Is it the soles (not enough cushioning?), the top (creases digging into your foot?). It's kind of hard to say what the problem is for you without knowing specifics. I do agree w/ you that sneakers are more comfortable then dress shoes. However, there's a much larger difference between wearing nice dress shoes w/ a size/last that fit well and wearing crappy KC or Aldo ones. And Ecco and Rockports, or at...
Hey all, thanks for the replies, although cheesesteak was the only one w/ specific recs. I did like the stadium cloth one but looks like its sold out, maybe available in stores though. I think I'm btwn these two in white: FYI, We've been together for ages, so I won't be offending her or anything by getting something in bad taste. I also call her fat...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade My local Nordstrom in Palo Alto, CA seems to differ somewhat. Sportswear, shirts, etc is staffed by earnest, usually ignorant, clean cut, twenty somethings, a good portion of whom are probably students. Mens Tailored Clothing is run by experienced old bulls who know their merchandise and even menswear in general. Problem is that they offer boring mid-range even provincial looking merchandise. In twenty years...
We can always go exchange if she wants a different one so I'm not so worried about that. I'd prefer not involving her right now though to surprise her.
My SO loves jcrew and i'm looking to get her one of the coats w/ the 30% off promotion going on. Any suggestions on which one of the women's coats? She generally likes wool or similar texture, longer (couple inches above knee) coats, and nothing black or grey or navy or camel color.
Don't know about their Merino but probably no different than BR. Their lambswool felt thin and loose. I have some lambswool sweaters from Rugby, which is way better quality than JCrew's lambswool sweaters for this season and about the same price.
You're a drop 12? Anyways, the Burberry trenchcoat is usually TTS if you wear a jacket underneath, so size down if you want to wear without a jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by wrenhunter Any thoughts on the current Legacy blazers? I'm tempted to use the sale to pick one up. A few options: 1. Get the plain Legacy blazer for around $200. 2. Screw it, get the cashmere for $400. 3. Look for a nicer coat (e.g. RLPL) on the FS forums. What do you reckon? #3 easily. The Jcrew blazers didn't seem any better or worse than Macys brand blazers.
I think its the chest. I just tried grabbing some fabric off my chest and got the same lines as you. The shoulders are fine, and if anything too big on the blue shirt. Try BB classic fit, which are pretty voluminous throughout, and get the waist taken in if needed. or endless is the cheapest way to get AEs from my experience. Definitely cheaper than shoe bank for recent models.
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