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I don't think he needs to come onto SF to learn to shop at BR, Jcrew, and Macys. His budget is 1500. That's plenty to shop for better stuff. And budgets are bullshit anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razeus J. Crew or Banana Republic and Macy's would be the stores I'd shop starting out. Remember this: 1) QUALITY > QUANTITY, but you don't want to look poor or cheap 2) Try on the clothes, try on the clothes, try on the clothes. WTF?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Yucky. seconded
I think it looks pretty ridiculous. Like you're trying to stuff as many pieces of clothing in your outfit as possible.
Start slowly. The worst thing you can do is buy expensive stuff that don't fit correctly. I'd say start with a pair of brown shoes (~$200-$400) from AE, Alden, RL and then jeans. Something you can find in person and try on. And shoes are generally easier to find the right fit in vs. something like a blazer or shirt. For jeans, RRL or APC are good starters, can be found fairly easily under $200 (APC retail is 150 i think), and if you have a Barneys around, you can try...
Black, bulby bluchers with rubber soles, extra padding on the insole and lining. Only the highest quality rubber will do though. Skimp on the leather if need be.
Light purple
Was the camera perforated too?
I say the first one. You can always fold in the blue parts and display a solid white with it, although you'd be limited to the types of folds you can do.
If it's the bottom of your feet hurting, you either have overly sensitive feet or your feet are moving within the shoe. Padding inside the shoe should have very little to do with what you're talking about. If your feet fit well without moving around, then even if you do have padding, your weight ends up compressing it anyway. The only real detriment I have w/ dress shoes vs. sneakers is if I walk around for lenghthy periods of time. Then, my calves may get more sore...
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