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Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I'm just saying it's not as enriching as buying really nice clothes. Good education --> good job --> more money --> nicer clothes then jcrew
Do boots in small sizes look too stumpy to wear?
Do Indy boots ever go on sale? $344 doesn't seem to bad, but seeing how it's almost 200 more than the RW GTs, I wanted to see if I could get a better deal.
They're leather. As inconsistent as PRL is, I've never seen them try to deceive by using fake leather and omitting the tag. And those are probably from Macys, which are leather wallets.
^^^ Please stop.
Maybe Theory?
Where do you find the high end Ferragamo shoes on discount besides ebay and b&s? To me, they're one of the harder shoe brands in that price range to find discounted.
If you are, buy it from Bloomingdales. 20% off everything now. And it's not from ferragamo's tremezza line btw. So you're not really getting the same quality as C&J and Alden shoes, which are priced similarly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razeus Ok, so name the stores you think he should be in? Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo like fucking 10 posts ago I'd say start with a pair of brown shoes (~$200-$400) from AE, Alden, RL and then jeans. Something you can find in person and try on. And shoes are generally easier to find the right fit in vs. something like a blazer or shirt. For jeans, RRL or APC are good starters, can be...
Buy now and keep w/ tags.
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