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Quote: Originally Posted by SVS I'm basically a 45R. 44R are just a tad too tight and 46R are just a tad too big. Recently, I've been in engaging in a futile effort to purchase a new suit, but just can't seem to find one that fits or can be tailored to fit. Suggestions as to where I should look? Brooks used to carry 45Rs but don't have any at the local store. That makes no sense. Sizing is all ove rthe place amongst the different brands. ...
It looks way too short. Also the button stance is really high, which makes the suit look even shorter than it already is. Sleeves are a tad too short, but I think it's acceptable. Shoulders and waist look good. Can't tell about the chest from looking at it straight on.
Whats the shoulder seam to seam on the RLPL?
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you shirt looks great the trench is just average, if not below average. cant tell what the material is. is it designed to keep you warm or be waterproof? Trench is wool. http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...+Coats&s=C&d=b
2 things:
Anyone with experience with all silk sweaters or knitwear? Saw them in bloomingdales. They felt like a silk knit tie but a little bit finer, and a tighter weave. Specifically seeing how they last (pilling, pulling), static electricity, etc...
Other than the AEs, are all of these shoes fused?
PRL's a great brand imo but just too inconsistent. There's at least liek 3-4 different tiers of quality within just the Polo brand, and the website only has the lower two tiers and a few made in italy suits/SCs unfortunately. You really have to go to a store to see some of the higher quality, non/less branded and more unique stuff. I do like their basic sport shirts. It fits me extremely well, much better than any other brand, and I like their woven cotton fabric,...
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Anybody know if the boot socks are on sale at stores? Yes, they're at pretty much any discount store (marshalls, ross, tj maxx) for 6 dollars/pair without the jcrew branding. Forgot the name but they're made in Vermont, same mix, and felt the same in person.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse How's the fit and overall quality of the Polo RUGBY line's VINTAGE STRAIGHT CORDUROY compared to the JCrew vintage straight cords? With the sales going on right now you can get the RUGY's for around the same price as what JCrew has, I just have no experience in the line. Do they fit the same and run the same size lengths? Also I have my eye on the Deep Auburn color since it's so unique, but am worried about...
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