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For a comparable quality sweater, try the Bloomingdales house brand. Uninspiring designs, just solid crew and v necks, but usually on sale for <100 and seems to be as equal quality as the PRL made in china ones.
Assuming the upper torso fits (shoulders, chest, collar), and the suit doesn't have a comically low arm holes, why is there such an obsession to get slim suits? Can't you just get it tailored to take it in in the waist? Can someone explain if there's any difference between that and getting say a RLBL or similarly cut suits?
This is from the tan suit. Looking at the dark ones is too painful wiht the low lighting. I think the shoulders and chest fit pretty well which is the most important thing. The waist is obviously too small with the pulling shown on the front shot and the vent being pulled apart in th eback. I also think the sleeves are too short as you're showing probably almost 1-2 inches of your shirt cuff, while the suit itself looks too long, going below your ass in the back. Pant...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa The Ludlow cut is a hell of a lot better than the shitty Oxxfords and Isaias that everyone in MC loves so much. Unless you're buying Black Fleece, BB is awful anyway. I wouldn't spend 600 on a J Crew suit, but they've improved massively this year. I haven't had much experience w/ the ludlow cut but other than waist suppression, how is it better?
Caruso Sartoria Parma suits on ehaberdasher for 600, with plenty of 36r-38r. I know you can't try them on before and you'd have to pay shipping+return to do so, but that's a great price imo for them. Measurements are posted for each item so you won't be ordering completely blind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidus I've read posts here for a while and I have to say I am still confused about raw denim. Having high quality and nice fitting I agree with, but is "customized fading" that big a deal? Can any non-SF person tell the difference between raw jeans fading and pre-faded jeans? Yes they can tell... Maybe not from just seeing an isolated person with misfitting jeans with pre-distressing, but put that and someone...
Quote: Originally Posted by revamp What do you guys think of their new Worsted wool suits? For your sake, please do not spend 600 bucks on a jcrew suit. There are so many better choices out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent The shoulders are the correct size, yet they stick off your natural shoulder? Please explain. I can understand that you cannot possibly size down because you can't breathe in a smaller suit, but thats no excuse for poor shoulder fit. I can't believe so many people are just ignoring the fact that the shoulders look horrible. For the op, the pulling in the waist and the overly tight pants...
Quote: Originally Posted by NeverFullyDressed A nice suit, slim fitting, sems to fit you fine. Well done, enjoy it!
Dark jeans or grey pants are the easy answers. I don't think it would look good w/ khakis. Just too much of a contrast imo.
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