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Quote: Originally Posted by jsherman02 And you base this from what? Have you owned them? Tried them on? I am all for a biased opinion when there is something behind that opinion. Why do I need to own them to say they're ugly? Plus, the AE collection was designed to be a lower end, intro product into Allen Edmonds. Why pay the same price for a shoe that's of lesser quality (i.e. rubber soles, non-recraftable)? However, if it's for $150,...
Quick question for all. I think it's the same, but does UK sizing = US sizing? The only reason I ask is because on Yoox, they have UK size as being +6 over US (i.e. 40UK = 34US). I have never seen that before, but wanted to make sure before I place my order.
Magic Johnson needs that article.
No do not get those. First off, I think both the Kennett and Tribeca are ugly. Plus, you can get most AE's for <200 through different discounts/shoe bank.
Quote: Originally Posted by remy185 nohomo what size are you? A year ago I bought a dark navy Valentino/Isaia off of Edmoral.. I just found it when I was going through the closet at my parent's place. It still has the tag on it, never worn or altered. I going to be getting rid of it; size 36, side vents, 3roll2. 38R probably. My actual shoulders are 18" and chest is 39".
JCrew is fine, but it's really no different as a whole from BR or shit you can get at Macys. I did pick up a yellow and blue tie for $10 there yesterday to look extra douchey at cal games.
Gotta love the expert stitching on the tags by the enslaved sweatshop/sex workers.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock Material quality down? I would have thought the opposite. They are taking a page from jcrew's book and sourcing material from Thomas Mason for their dress shirts. As for their wool, don't really know. I meant from several years ago, i.e. 3-5 yrs ago. BR is definitely improving this year but for awhile they were brutal with quality/fit. I have a silk/cashmere sweater I got a couple years back, much...
Quote: Originally Posted by hobscrk777 Thanks for the tip. When you say that they're "thinner" do you mean in terms of the fabric itself, or just that they lack shoulder/elbow pads? Thinner and lighter fabric. Some come with the cross stitching/padding on the shoulders and elbows while some don't. I think the custom ones do not but you can always call them to ask.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Another option Beautiful but it's unfortunately linen. I would've kopped the other wool/cashmere one but that sold out in like 2 minutes. Anyone have any knowledge on sizing for that Caruso one? i.e. which size correlates to a 18" shoulder?
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