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Do KMW's usually stretch/shrink at all in the waist?
Almost all of their shirts go on sale so it'll be cheaper then 40% off eventually. Their merino sweaters are ok for layering and worth it for $36. They have some cotton blazers that go well with jeans for casual wear.
Calvin Klein or Calvin Klein Collection? If it's the former, than I don't think you're going to get much interest b/c it's just a Macys brand equivalent to Alfani and Lauren.
Is this ok to do? Just got some burgundy/merlot shoes, and am wondering if this is ok for the initial conditioning or if i need to go out and get some new shoe cream. I'm not 100% sure if I'm keeping these shoes, which is why I'd rather not buy new cream.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmm Dont put it in the dryer. Lay it flat over a towel or something I'm purposely trying to shirnk them though. Will it shrink w/o a dryer?
Does putting them through a washer/dryer just shrink them or are there any other adverse effects? I have one cheap cashmere sweater, in good shape but extremely big.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM How did you get it? They are not listed as a retailer at all from the bing shopping page. Just go to and type in endless in the search. It should come up in the sponsored results. If it doesn't the first time, just try again. Props to the OP for finding this. Got the McAllister for about 160 after the cashback.
Price range?
Quote: Originally Posted by sccoopy thanks guys, the discussion is very informative. I don't care about recrafting, I don't think I will spend $85 on recrafting since I can always buy the factory seconds. Rubber sole does not bother me either. Based on my limited experience, rubber sole is more comfortable than leather sole as casual wear. These two shoes both have rubber soles. So my follow up question is if a shoe is unrecraftable, then the...
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