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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 The problem with this is not all of them say "Polo I, II, III or IV". One of mine says "Blue Label". I know the Bradford fits good on the jacket, but the pants are tighter than Incotex. Isn't the polo I, II, III, and IV just differences in # of pockets and vents? I've read that IV is supposed to be slimmer, but that isn't the case for me between my polo IV and polo II SCs I have.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral it all depends on where you are located............$20 in NYC is considered reasonable. For a dry cleaners? Even with all the immigrants in NYC? I'm in SF so it's not as if stuff is cheap here either.
$20 for a "cheap" tailor is actually a lot. That's actually standard price amonst the tailors (actual ones) that I go to.
Its 30 dollars. You're getting what you'll pay for. Waste of money imo but it's obviously not going to kill you.
BB kids sizes have 30" sleeves.
^^ Those are just sins against nature. Try the Paraboot Vigny. They're on pediwear and shoemart.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN People here jack off with they denim on? Soaking denim in cum molds the crotch area perfectly around your cock. The jerking action creates really cool fadez.
2nd one looks like an orphaned suit jacket
On a sort of unrelated note, does anyone have experience or knowlegde about the tailoring services/costs at BB? Just basic stuff - finishing the hems on the jacket and pants, and taking in the jacket slightly.
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