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Order in bulk on STP. You shoudl be able to find a 20% off and free shipping coupon.
Roughly somewhere in between 60-100.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Awesome jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus Ok so its between bloomingdales Cashmere VS. J Crew: Right now, Bloomingdales is half the price of J Crews however I have never bought a sweater from BD. JC has the leather patch around the zipper,which adds a nice touch to it. No on half zips. They're like stuck between hoodies and vnecks and screams 35 year old indian IT developer. In general, Bloomingdales cashmere is much better than JCrew though...
If you're that worried abuot getting your other shoes wet during rainy season, then 1 pair of BR shoes isn't going to kill you. FYI, BR has 40% off all sale stuff in store, so I'm sure you can get better deals there then online.
I say it's overconfidence. Too many think they can do it themselves (i.e. not look for any help or advice, no tailoring), inflating their own image against other people, and settling for lesser crap to satisfy immediate needs. Some SF posters do the same, showing pics of their fit on a suit or blazer, getting responses about how it doesnt fit right, and still saying oh well, I still look better then 90% of the population just because I got a blazer on instead of a...
Some gauze and a tourniquet
Go read the last several pages of the jcrew f/w thread in sw&d.
Beautiful. How's the fit? Is it tts, big, small?
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