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4 is fantastic and 3 is great. That butcher block linen/cotton stripe rocks.
Quote: Style: “Traveler” model, single-breasted, two buttons, notch lapels, dual vents, fully canvassed, natural shoulder, prick stitching on the lapels and pockets, fully lined, unfinished cuffs (could be made surgeon), and lots of nifty internal pockets for storing things on the go. That is certainly something you don't see every day.
Just got the RLPL 38, and it is sublime. Incredibly soft, beautiful lapel roll, and excellent pattern-matching. If you are a 36r and sitting on the fence, here is a vote to go for it. Shipping to east coast US took less than a week. Great seller.
Just to add to the chorus here: don't do it. I have done the same (bought a 39, more than once, being a 38, and they just never work out right and are too big in the shoulders). For what that's worth. Size 38 will also come on sale, esp if you watch the B&S forum here (where knowing your measurements will be a big help, given the variation even within jackets of supposedly the same size).
Despos on all questions of how garments are put together; Manton for encyclopedic knowledge of most things style-related; DWFII for shoe construction.
Just had an excellent experience with razl. Shipping was fast, trousers are just as advertised. Thanks!
So do you know who makes Stile Latino if it is no longer Attolini?
Faded501s sent me some excellent brown cords, lightning fast and for a great price. Thanks much!
I am somewhat confused about the centrality of chest as a jacket measurement. I understand exactly how I want the shoulders of my jackets to fit, and here there is very small variation in what I consider acceptable (less than .5"). In chest size -- which is supposed to be the most fundamental jacket measurement --I have jackets that fit me (in my view) that range from measurements of 39.5" to 42." (I am typically a 38). This is a lot more fluctuation than I would ever find...
Question on the Italian sales: I am heading to Florence at the beginning of January. I was planning to hit all the stores of good jacket repute favored here (Milord, Tie your Tie, Liverano). Any advice as where one finds good selection in the sales season, if you know Florence? Quote: Originally Posted by Wicky So this is different on ebay? How? The place I was referring to has a significant numer of Kiton suits (over 50 in total) in all sizes, not...
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