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See... this is why I stick to superfuture.
Thats interesting. You think sufu hates my wireless router?
So... whats the consensus? Anybody think I'll be able to get on Sufu 3.9 without using a proxy server?
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Don't worry about sole-care. Seriously? I do a lot of walking and I feel like I'm gonna dig into 'em.
I just purchased my first pair of (what I would consider) quality leather soled shoes, but I'm a little nervous about the soles. Any tips for proper care from the veterans here? For reference they're Magnanni calfskin/deerskin captoes. P.S. I'm annoyed I can't edit the title. Obviously supposed to be "care tips" not car tips. p.p.s. thanks fixed!
Sigh... what to do with no sufu.
Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa I thought you were banned? Nope, just have a shitty internet provider.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Is it down again? ;_; I think so. I can't even get on with proxy servers today.
Hah! Now you all get to feel how it feels to not be able to access Sufu for no good reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cotton Duck That's really odd Thorns, I haven't had a problem since the server overhaul, and that's when this started for you? Any way to contact superofficials? If not, you want me to do it for you? ps. sorry for that little slip up there... Yeah dude if you could contact 'em that would be awesome. I've tried firefox and IE. Several computers... nothing. I keep getting 'problem loading page' or 'connection...
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