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I second the remarks by Well-Kept. The trees are unlike anything I've seen packaged with Brooks Brothers shoes since the Marks & Spencer purchase and subsequent divestment of the BB chain. Chruch's manufactured the Brooks Brothers English line, as far as I can tell, until around 2000, when Church's was purchased by Prada Group. The relationship may have lasted a few years later when production was switched to Crockett & Jones. Given the current stock of Church lasts...
FWIW, the Upper East Side SCOOP on Third Ave. has a very nice PoW Etro sportcoat for around $300. Sizes Eu50-54 or thereabouts. I would have given it strong consideration if smaller sizes were still available. Construction appeared to be fused.
Minor price drop & bump. I'm keeping everything if it doesnt sell. Arny's Tie: $26 shipped Pocketsquare: $10 shipped
The quality is definitely not as nice as Harris. FWIW, I remember running across these shoes at one of the local FB or DSWs in New York. They looked nicer than the normal fair, so I stopped to take a peek. At discount, I believe $219 Harris shoes are probably a better buy. The uppers on the AM aren't as nice, though the construction looks to be similar if not equal. Above average toe shape. Nicely balanced last. Overall, not a screaming deal IMO, but better than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Shake So -- just to clarify -- this doesn't seem to be the sample sale, correct? Does anyone happen to know when (or if) the sample sale in NYC will take place? Greedy. That was a one time deal. Asprey changed ownership after the previous group decided that a million (monthly) dollars worth of Fifth Ave. didnt translate to skyrocketing sales.
Few quick updates... 1) The Union Square Filene's Basement is pretty much picked clean. 2) J.M. Weston on Madison and the upper sixties, has quite a few shoes on sale. Cool looking double strap boots for around $600, and the classic demi-chasse in a wide range of sizes discounted to $410. Not a screaming deal, but a difficult model to find on sale. 3) Rhinelander Mansion has most of its stock for 50% off. A few suede RLPL shoes available for $369. Good deal if...
I was thinking about making a small investment in the futures market. I havent decided on a particular institution or online site to handle my investment, so I was looking for advice. PMs and replies to this thread are encouraged. Thanks, NCT
New with Tags, Incotex Firsts NWT, Incotex Burgundy Cotton Trouser Flat Front Size 36 (actual waist 36") Ankle: 9 1/8" Unhemmed MSRP: $285 Made in Romania 100% cotton My Price: Price Drop - $55 Shipped! Last drop before Ebay! #1 Burgundy: #2 NWT Incotex Brown Herringbone Trouser Size: 34 US Double Pleat Ankle: 8 7/8" 55% wool / 40% cotton / 5% cashmere Mid-weight F/W trousers Made in Italy MSRP: $375 My Price: $109 shipped! #3 NWT Incotex...
This game was almost as bad as the Notre Dame performance. Go WAC! Go Boise State!
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