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There are two active issues addressed in this thread. First of all, the starter topic, "what is wrong with Men's Warehouse," ellicits a knee jerk reaction from many forumites, who, during their first forray into formalwear, probably got suckered into buying from Men's Warehouse. I am one of those people. The suit was perfectly functional for my highschool Junior Statesman and Model UN conferences, etc. but the price:quality was definitely suspect. The worst part of the...
Great looking loafers Drizzt. I know there is a decided preference for English/American brands on both Styleforum and Ask Andy (definitely a theme on the latter), but sometimes the flair of the Italians is just more appropriate. Pairing the jeans with these shoes looks perfect.
Thanks for the effort kronik. I wonder how long they will allow this promotion to last. I just picked up a few shoes trees at C21, so I really should spend more money on replacements. Having extra trees lying around is just asking for trouble...
SCOOP stocked a nice Hickey peacoat at their Upper East Side store. I bought a black Varvatos FWIW. The selection at the UES store is better than the West Village store since it doesnt have to compete with Jeffrey's. Good luck hunting.
Bruce Pearl supporting the all-time wins leader in NCAA basketball For a middle aged man with a million-plus dollar contract, I have to love his commitment to the school. It must have been quite the night in the student section.
I vote with a strong preference for the Testonis, followed by Santoni. The mustard on the Mantellassi just isn't my cup of tea. Since you already own the Santonis and have more than a few models with the elongated toe box, I suggest you explore offerings from other companies, as long as they properly fit, to avoid amassing a shoe collection that screams mid-2000s. The redness of the oxford should also complement your previous Vass purchase (if you decide to keep the...
- Cream RLPL Trousers - Pink or salmon broadcloth shirt -or- - nice gingham shirt
I can't remember if the suits GDL posted are made by Cantarelli or Corneliani, but I can definitely attest to the quality and higher price point. I believe Ralph Lauren has a different designation for this line, like Polo Ralph Lauren Tailor Made or some such. Anyways, the sales associate at the Mansion told me that they were planning on eliminating the higher end Blue Label jackets and sticking with just Black and Purple Label for their upper tier garments.
The top pair (loafers) were purchased at the To Boot Sample Sale in November. These were definitely after the Prada acqusition. They feature a linen liner but the uppers are quite supple and take on a nice antique finish. The monkstraps are from the Brooks Brothers English made line, feature full leather linings, built on the 73 last, and probably manufactured before the Prada purchase. I've been happy with both shoes. I especially like the fit of hte 73 last.
I highly recommend adding the navy blue cream undercoat. Just make sure to apply thin layers and dont get too generous around the crease points. You might also want to glaze the final polish in dark navy or black depending on your personal preferences. Please keep us updated. Aside from iammatt's preference for solid color shoes, I think a fair number of us enjoy a little leather variation.
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