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FWIW, in my prior watch collecting/trading days, I purchased a watch from a guy wearing a Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph on a S/S bracelet who drove a Toyota Camry.
500k HHI cannot afford a personal jet. It may be enough for a small prop plane. Actually, 500k in a major city (NYC, SF, LA, Chcago, London, Paris, etc.) is pretty "middle class" style living. FWIW, I can understand the appeal of a fake Rolex for a nouveau riche/aspiring type person
Man this game started with some flow... and then it just broke down. Spain isn't effective in breaking down Portugal, and I dont think Casillas has had to block a shot on goal
Well, I cant imagine Spain/Portugal game going scoreless for the full 90 minutes... especially at the current pace.
You live in Fresno?
BUMP.. price drop. I bought more shoes and havent worn these. Selling at cost
Hey, when did you eat at Chez Janou? I was staying just around the corner in the Marais. We ate at Chez Janou twice during our stay. The weekday lunch special was a ridiculous amount of food for
Have you already left for your vacation? I just came back from my second stint in Barcelona. I actually stayed at the Barcelona Universal on my first visit to the city. On this particular trip, I stayed in the H10 Universitat which was much closer to the center of the city. First of all, there is little to do within the immediate vicinity of your hotel. The area east of the hotel between Parallel and Las Ramblas can be a little shady at night. Fortunately, the hotel...
Naivete. You can have respect for your neighbor; however, people are not hardwired to seek "equality." And besides, equality undoubtedly carries a different meaning across various parts of the world.As you get older, the more likely you will find contentment in a simple life. I thought I always wanted to be rich. Drive a Lexus, buy Saville Row suits, own a vacation home, etc. After passing the age of thirty, I decided that becoming a 1%er is likely not in my future. ...
New Posts  All Forums: