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Like I said before,this is a circular argument made every few years. I think Reevolving spawned another alter ego. This 1%er describes his theoretical life like a college freshmen or sophomore assigned to an introductory ethics class.
I think we have the same argument or discussion every 3-4 years.
I don't think the shoes are made by Lattanzi. The price point is too low even for Lattanzi diffusion lines like Zintala or Gerardo Fosati. The latter retail for around $1250-1350, and I would expect the Brioni label would command another $100-200 premium. FWIW, I've never encountered a Lattanzi made shoe with a rubber inset. The best way to confirm the provenance of a potential Lattanzi shoe is to inspect the sock liner. Lattanzi uses a distinctive Italian themed...
They arent worth anything. Glued rubber. No association with Luigi Borrelli
A tin of Kiwi is $4-5 A tin of Saphir is $12-14 Both will last at least 1-2 years with weekly shines. Is a
There are four other boroughs outside Manhattan. If you really wish to experience an alternate universe in NYC, travel to the South Shore of Staten Island. The population is almost entirely white, middle-class, and votes Republican en masse. The latter is a complete anomaly even for New York State!Quoted for partial truth. I live in one of the most popular breeder neighborhoods in NYC (non-Manhattan), and 200k HHI seems like an accurate entry point.
Do you travel at all for business/work? I spend at least 3-5k per year for business related expenses, and I'm a small timer. For anyone working in the consulting industry who uses their own credit card and later reimbursed by their parent company, must churn at least 3k a month. Even using a basic Costco Amex for the 2% travel & restaurant rewards + 3% gas rewards equals $720 per year in TAX FREE rewards. And this doesnt even include frequent flyer mileage.
Finally had the time to get some shirt sleeves shortened. Called Allmeier Shirts (an old mainstay). Shortening now starts at $15.50
Hey man, congrats for making it to the ten year mark as well.From the top of my head, living in NYC while reading Styleforum opened my eyes to the finer things in life. I don't know if I would have ever escaped from the "designer" area of Macy's or Sak's without the aide of this forum. Like many of you, I went through a rapid accumulation phase and amassed more than enough shoes to keep me shod for a lifetime. I also accumulated a bunch of stuff that I never wear due to...
And then Obamacare kicks in for singles who make over 200k.3.8% for income (20% federal for LT cap gains and dividends + 3.8% for OC) = 23.8% effective federal rate0.9% for salary >200k + 33% marginal income tax rate until 400k = 33.9% marginal rateAnd an eye popping 39.6% + 0.9% = 40.5% for those making over 400k.If you live in NYC, the take home is actually less than 50% (40.5% + ~10.5% state) = 49% tax home after taxes for income >500kEDIT: As a small timer, I just care...
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