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Just out of curiosity, does anyone still buy a car with straight cash?
Recommendations please. Leaving in 10 days. My girlfriend found this place so far: http://www.ducdeslombards.com (seems to be mostly American musicians)
Budget? Scatola del tempo? (not cheap)
Futures looking ugly after Sarkozy got the boot. S&P might make a push for
Probably Woodlore or something very similar. Borrowed from Slickdeals Jos a Bank has 3-Pairs Cedar Shoe Trees (Add 3 to cart) for $25 after applying Promotion code B1G2. Shipping is free with Promotion code SHIPAPR. Thanks carby Additionally they are offering a Buy 1 Get 2 Free on all items on website with Promotion code B1G2 and Free Shipping with Promotion code SHIPAPR EDIT: If you use Fatwallet, 5% cashback for a total of $23.75 for three trees
You cannot avoid paying taxes on any retirement contributions beyond the 17k alloted for 401k/403b employee contributions or 49k SEP contributions. For people in the 33% & 35% marginal tax brackets, contributing an extra 5k to a traditional IRA and then converting it to a Roth IRA makes a minuscule impact on front-end tax liability, but permits tax free growth on the basis. Just make sure to fill out form 8606 and keep it in a safe place.
Wrong.Backdoor Roth IRA
Rolex Prince 971 (c. late 1920s) -or- the common Sea Dweller
I assume no and no.Psych malpractice is comparatively cheap in the US. IM is around 30-40k in New York. General Sx is more. Florida has some of the worst malpractice rates. Texas is probably the most doctor friendly (low malpractice, no state income tax), large population state in the US.
After reading a few replies and comparing this thread to a similar post on Bogleheads, I realize that the responders in both threads are really a self selecting bunch. If you can save >40% of your gross income or >50% of net income, you either do not have kid(s) or make well into the 33-35% Federal Tax Bracket. Most savers, including myself, are usually saving for a directed goal. I plan on having a family in the semi-near future. Kids are super expensive. Daycare +...
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