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Were the poll results ever released in a public format? I always wondered about the demographic breakdown of SF. I have an infatuation with NY Times census data.
Be patient. Shop sales. Find a few things that work for you, and your wardrobe will gradually expand in both quality and quantity. I have more than enough mid-to-high grade clothing I've accumulated after a little more than a decade of Styleforum. I celebrate my ten year anniversary on the site next month! P.S. I'm not part of 35% tax bracket, and I was a NYC graduate student for the better part of the past decade.
Cypress Grove Midnight Moon (goat cheese. very nutty) From Union Market ($23 #)
JOS Banks shoe trees from SD
I'm looking to make my first attempt at braised beef cheeks. I was thinking about slow cooking them in red wine. Can I use my Le Creuset dutch oven for the marinade and cooking without worrying about the enamel being ruined over a 24-36h period?
Another factor I believe missing from the argument, is the scale of compensation provided by the 100-hour work week jobs. If the difference between working 50 hours as compared to 100 hours corresponds to a pay raise from 80k to 160k, I would be hesitant to bury myself pursuing the latter. However, from my understanding, the compensation packages in the finance industry function on a much higher scale, e.g. the difference between 125-150k to low seven figures if you are...
And what if you are involved in the above professions?
I'm interested in this thread.
See: How Much Do You Work? My hours are slightly better. I'm averaging about 10 hours per weekday and two full weekends per month. July-August is the busiest time for me. Part of this is voluntary (FWIW, I'm an attending).
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