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The problem with the conversion, is that if you have a significant amount of savings in a traditional IRA which cannot be rolled into another tax sheltered vehicle (e.g. 401k) you are automatically taxed on the basis at your marginal income tax bracket. Fees for closing account are usually nominal (I paid ~$100 per institution). The fees and, primarily, the additional incurred taxes, however, can easily offset the potential gains of funding a backdoor Roth. The...
Too much? What do you mean? You just need to roll over ALL old accounts into a 401k or pay taxes on the basis from the prior accounts. Oh, and be sure to fill out form 8606.
PSA Am I late to the party? Living Social currently has a $25 for $50 worth of credit or $50 for $100 worth of credit. There is also a $5 off coupon floating around, so effectively $20 for $50 or $45 for $100. Shipping is pretty much a flat rate, so it isnt advantageous to sign up for the smaller deals.
Fidelity offers one of the best cash back credit cards in the industry (2% on everything).
I don't believe you can convert a Roth IRA into Traditional IRA or 401k (or even understand the logic). Even rolling a traditional IRA into a company 401k is highly dependent on the sponsoring 401k.You can, however, convert a traditional IRA into a Roth via backdoor conversion. This is a useful tool for high income earners who are exempt from Traditional IRA deductions. Simply fund a traditional IRA, don't claim exemptions, and then convert the account into a Roth. ...
Other factors that might influence your decision to contribute to your retirement accounts include the presence or absence of consumer debt, and estimated commitment to your present job. If you contribute to your 401k to the employer, you are making a 2-year commitment to acquire the match. For young professionals who may need to leapfrog among companies to ascend the corporate hierarchy, two years might be an excessive time frame. I would avoid retirements altogether...
I actually like the fish counter at the Fairway in Red Hook. Whole Foods is pretty damn expensive, and for the same price and quality, I'd rather go to my local fish monger or Union Market.
3.5 quart round, wide
I wish someone could provide a good brick and mortar suggestion. The importance of purchasing properly fitting lenses from a B&M vs online depends on accurately measuring pupillary distance. I don't really trust the mail order places. The price of lenses is highly dependent on your prescription and type of lenses. Im myopic as hell with a slight astigmatism, so I usually buy 1.74 lenses. They are as cheap as $350ish online, and around $500-600 in store. Id rather...
http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=75848228150e205b5982be84c&id=d0f016a332 Did anyone attend?
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