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I actually like the fish counter at the Fairway in Red Hook. Whole Foods is pretty damn expensive, and for the same price and quality, I'd rather go to my local fish monger or Union Market.
3.5 quart round, wide
I wish someone could provide a good brick and mortar suggestion. The importance of purchasing properly fitting lenses from a B&M vs online depends on accurately measuring pupillary distance. I don't really trust the mail order places. The price of lenses is highly dependent on your prescription and type of lenses. Im myopic as hell with a slight astigmatism, so I usually buy 1.74 lenses. They are as cheap as $350ish online, and around $500-600 in store. Id rather... Did anyone attend?
What the hell is wrong with you? I tried to provide some advice on the past thread, but you really are a mess. 1) No matter how much you make, others will make more 2) One penor, many hot chicks 3) I'm a nerd, we dont concern ourselves with physical activity (but seriously, if it makes you happy, schedule the time)
I'm slightly older than you (34), and adhered to a similar route of studying hard throughout college and, later, working hard in my twenties. My upbringing was very middle class, though I attended high school with a pretty affluent crowd. I was never obsessed with "power, money, and respect" as you describe it, though, as I hit my thirties, I realize that my career has become more a lifestyle than just a job. I enjoy my work at least 70-80% of the time though I also...
This means UCLA, USC, Pomona, or Claremont. Sadly, all other schools will garner little attention outside CA. Even CMC is a reach in NYC.If you are a Caltech grad, try to leverage your quantitative background.
Hobbies are worth mentioning as a one liner. Most of my professional interviews have always rotated back to my hobbies as an ice breaker, particularly haberdashery and cooking.Multi-page resumes would be appropriate if you work in an academic setting--e.g. multiple publications
This really reflects a deterioration in the content of the forum. If want to focus on the discussion of bespoke and higher-end MTM, I suggest the London Lounge. Alternatively, you can search the archives of the forum for higher end RTW. For example, spend some time scanning the Belvest thread. Not quite in price range of Kiton, Brioni, Attolini, etc. but a very respectable maker, and, IMO, more stylistically interesting from the likes of Zegna.
Finally made it to Buttermilk Channel (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY). The place was popularized by its take on Fried Chicken and Waffles. The chicken was juicy and tasty though a bit cumbersome to eat. My friend had the pasta, which was very good. The mussel appetizer was perhaps the highlight of the night.
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