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Finally had the time to get some shirt sleeves shortened. Called Allmeier Shirts (an old mainstay). Shortening now starts at $15.50
Hey man, congrats for making it to the ten year mark as well.From the top of my head, living in NYC while reading Styleforum opened my eyes to the finer things in life. I don't know if I would have ever escaped from the "designer" area of Macy's or Sak's without the aide of this forum. Like many of you, I went through a rapid accumulation phase and amassed more than enough shoes to keep me shod for a lifetime. I also accumulated a bunch of stuff that I never wear due to...
And then Obamacare kicks in for singles who make over 200k.3.8% for income (20% federal for LT cap gains and dividends + 3.8% for OC) = 23.8% effective federal rate0.9% for salary >200k + 33% marginal income tax rate until 400k = 33.9% marginal rateAnd an eye popping 39.6% + 0.9% = 40.5% for those making over 400k.If you live in NYC, the take home is actually less than 50% (40.5% + ~10.5% state) = 49% tax home after taxes for income >500kEDIT: As a small timer, I just care...
Not so goofy times--older folks who are still working and hit RMD from their 401k.
Hooray for Me. Congrats also to A Harris and GQLawyer (if still around)
Racing towards 34... starting to feel old.
I adhere to a Vanguard philosophy and haven't changed my allocations at all for the past 9 months. A lot of my savings is tied to a biannual windfall bonus so I try spread my automatic investments into three to four month blocks. Im currently underweighted in bonds, and cant find much motivation to delve into fixed income given the historically poor yields and minimal bond offerings in my tax deferred space (403b). As far as individual stocks, I don't really have the...
Were the poll results ever released in a public format? I always wondered about the demographic breakdown of SF. I have an infatuation with NY Times census data.
Be patient. Shop sales. Find a few things that work for you, and your wardrobe will gradually expand in both quality and quantity. I have more than enough mid-to-high grade clothing I've accumulated after a little more than a decade of Styleforum. I celebrate my ten year anniversary on the site next month! P.S. I'm not part of 35% tax bracket, and I was a NYC graduate student for the better part of the past decade.
Cypress Grove Midnight Moon (goat cheese. very nutty) From Union Market ($23 #)
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