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Cal has been a non-white majority for at least 15 years. Probably closer to 20 years.UCLA has similar numbers, but slightly fewer Asians.MIT has more combined minorities than white, and Asians are almost at par with NHW
Yeah, I was so naive in college. I never realized how difficult it was to score an interview at Bain, Goldman, etc.
Funny as hell. Try raising an Asian kid in the NYC or SF Metro. Much worse then being a white kid from the midwest with respect to chances of entry into top tier schools.With regards to financial aide, once again the upper middle class are screwed. My friends make decent income, drive Toyotas/Hondas/Hyundais, live pretty conservatively, but don't get a dime of financial aide because they make around the mythical Obama cutoff for rich people.
You made $12 million?Annual Gross Pay $12,000,000.00Federal Withholding $4,708,892.55Social Security $7,049.40Medicare $280,200.00Georgia $719,672.00Net PayNet Pay $6,284,186.05Effective tax rate for 2012: 47.7%Even if you add the Obamacare tax, your effective tax rate for 2013 shouldn't be much higher than 48.6%
This reeks of the AMT with its dysfunctional inflation index. The government preaches individual fiscal responsibility and then proposes this shit.
Look man, you need to start reading about the differences between Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401ks/403bs, and HSAs/FSAs. Each product has advantages and disadvantages based on different tax strategies and expectant incomes. I didn't know much about any of the above six years ago, but I was forced to learn. The only person who has an honest interest in the well being of jakety is yourself. It behooves oneself to spend a little time and self-educate yourself. Start...
Horrific Tib Fib Fracture. That will be a long rehab and I will be surprised if the kid will maintain his pre-injury explosiveness.
Humblebrag. Or you aren't calculating effective tax rate correctly (likely the latter). Actually, I think its near impossible to pay a 50+ % effective tax rate in Georgia. Using Paycheck Calculator leaves you with 558k on a $1 million income(~46% effective tax rate). Annual Gross Pay $1,000,000.00 Federal Withholding $352,892.55 Social Security $7,049.40 Medicare $21,700.00 Georgia $59,672.00 Net Pay $558,686.05 For 400k: Annual Gross Pay $400,000.00 Federal...
You can recharacterize a Roth. See for the above link. Your age, however, is the greatest benefit to contributing to a Roth
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