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New York has been brutal this winter. From the Japanese Garden inside the BBG.
Winter 3 by pomomojo, on Flickr Post processing by Picasa--haven't had the time to invest or learn Adobe lightroom
Halloween, 3rd St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 2013
Fuji XE-1 with 18-55mm Lens AND 35mm F/1.4 Prime Lens The XE-1 is being heavily discounted right now because the camera is going to be replaced by the XE-2. I got lucky with mine. It was supposed to be open box, but I managed to receive a brand new camera due to a checkout SNAFU. FYI, this is my first foray into semi-serious photography. The XE-1 is likely more camera than I really need... but the price was within my budget and I have been differing my purchase for...
I haven't been wearing my watches with much frequency, and I noticed that they have started to keep horrible time. I need to get them serviced, and wanted to use someone local. No major complications. My most difficult piece that needs a good cleaning is a 34mm JLC MUT. I also have an IWC 3706 (7750 movement) and an IWC Portofino (2892) that are also due for service. I prefer to use a local shop with competitive pricing.... hoping for less than $500/watch
So you express a preference for modern furniture. Stay away from Room & Board, C&B, Pottery Barn, etc. My own suggestions: 1) Ligne Roset: Italian modern furniture. I purchased a second hand rosewood armoir from LR a few years ago but had to pass it along to a friend when I moved in with my girlfriend. Excellent quality stuff. Much nicer than B&B Italia. 2) ABC Carpet: gigantic and offers an eclectic mix of styles
NWOT Incotex Charcoal Gray Wool Trousers Eu54/US37 I have few odds and ends left from my B&S days. These trousers are one of my last pairs from the Daffy's old stock. Single Pleat Charcoal Gray 100% Wool; Tropical Weight Made in Italy Size: Eu54 (tagged); Slim fit for the European Market Waist: 37” measured Inseam: Unfinished (37") Rise: 11.5" Cuff: 8.75" MSRP: $325+ My Price: $85 --> $79 shipped US
My coworker replaced his 8 year old Honda Odyssey with a 2013 ML450. It's a nice family car.
You are in desperate need of a woven belt and a Jiffy steamer. Pants are also a bit wide for this outfit. The light shirting gives the appearance of being bottom heavy.
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