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My coworker replaced his 8 year old Honda Odyssey with a 2013 ML450. It's a nice family car.
You are in desperate need of a woven belt and a Jiffy steamer. Pants are also a bit wide for this outfit. The light shirting gives the appearance of being bottom heavy.
The Fairmont better not be a 7.5UK... they were sold out by the time I arrived.
They carry a loafer which has a much fuller ankle than the 73. They also stocked a spectator on the 71, and a semi-brogue blucher in an antique burgundy in the 71. There were also two boots included in the sale.
The B&M Barney's sale was very good with regards to shoe selection. They had the John Lobb Vale in black discounted to $650-675ish. Sizing was limited, and it's on the 7000 last. The discontinuation of G&G was confirmed by the sales guy I spoke to (Ahmed). Most models were in the $450ish range. Small sizes (& & 7.5UK) have been depleted. My damage included a pair of captoe JL monks (last pair in 7UK). They had three other pairs of JL on discount, though only the...
The second boot with the tweed is made by Alfred Sargent. I purchased a similar pair with a medallion in chestnut calf.
1) New 2013 Civic is much better than the prior version2) Elantra is nice3) Focus depreciates like hell though recent models have been holding up due to fuel savings4) Altima is significantly nicer than the Sentra5) Honda Fit Sport (?)I personally drive a Toyota Yaris sedan around NYC and wished that I spent the extra coin for Fit though my car has already taken a beating in 2 years (cracked grill, door dings, multiple scrapes on front and rear bumper). You cannot drive a...
Look man, you need to start reading about the differences between Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401ks/403bs, and HSAs/FSAs. Each product has advantages and disadvantages based on different tax strategies and expectant incomes. I didn't know much about any of the above six years ago, but I was forced to learn. The only person who has an honest interest in the well being of jakety is yourself. It behooves oneself to spend a little time and self-educate yourself. Start...
Horrific Tib Fib Fracture. That will be a long rehab and I will be surprised if the kid will maintain his pre-injury explosiveness.
You can recharacterize a Roth. See for the above link. Your age, however, is the greatest benefit to contributing to a Roth
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