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Macro Flower Spring in City. One of my favorites so far this year.
I give between $150-200 per guest, per wedding. This applies to the NYC area. The lesser amount applies to remarriages.
When are you visiting? Recommendations in the city are very seasonal dependent. Outdoors are a no go for another month.
Are you a troll?
I tried it on around the house and maybe worn it once outside my apartment. It was dry cleaned once for storage. It's at least four years old though almost new.
Trillion Gray Cashmere V-Neck MSRP: $595 Exclusive Palm Beach Retailer Lightweight Cashmere Sweater Tagged: EU48 Best fit: US38-39 Chest: 22" laying flat Price: $55 --> $49 -->$44 --> sold. Last bump before heading for a donation. This is a really great deal for high quality cashmere. I wear a 36 US and this is just too big for me.
Nicky: previously stocked at Barney's New York. Hard to find in the US at present. Massimo Bizzocchi: patterns are very hit or miss, though I appreciate Bizzocchi for being adventuresome in both palette and pattern. Finamore: I have no idea who they subcontract for ties, but the quality is excellent based on the few examples I have handled. Countess Mara is a sad relic of the past.
In the spirit of the current Northeast blizzard
The most common rug sizes are 6x9' and 8x10'. There is a steep learning curve when shopping for rugs. Do you have a ballpark budget? I would not recommend spending more than $500 for synthetics. 6x9' handwoven wool rugs start at around $750-1000 in the big box stores (WestElm, C&B, Pottery Barn, etc.). 8x10' are closer to $1250-1500. Contemporary rugs are generally cheaper than traditional, though "luxury"/designer versions of the former exist. I bought my first...
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