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This is pretty much my own experience on a Smalltimer scale. I tilt my 403b to fixed income for tax purposes and hold index funds in my taxable portfolios. I got in a bit late to catch the big upswing after 08/09, but I consider myself in decent shape... until I get married and/or have kids.EDIT: Pio did you ever contribute to a Backdoor IRA? I remember you asked a few years ago.
I'm in the market and need an 8x10' piece. I prefer classic as compared to contemporary and want 100% wool. My budget is 1k, so Im limited to liquidators or the secondary market. I also have a car to travel outside the City Open to suggestions
Search for my prior posts on this subject. I was last in Barcelona in 2012. I still want to try Tickets, and its newer relative, 41 Experience (moving after August 2nd).
That was a painful point to watch. The US deserved to win that game. Bradley has been terrible in this Cup. Jones was man of the match in the Ghana game for his defending and had one of the prettiest goals of the tourney so far RVP gets the nod for best goal
I need to subscribe to this thread. For what its worth, how are cheap Asians integrated into this sociologic paradigm? What if you display dissonant signals? E.g. Drive a Corolla and wear a Patek Philippe?
From Central Park, Japan Day
You just have to fund the account before the 15th. I haven't actually completed by Roth conversion from last year, which is really bad since the S&P appreciated 25% and the funds were sitting in a money market type fund.Are you trying to fund a Backdoor IRA? I use Vanguard, so I can't vouch for other brokerages, but you just use your existing account to fund a "new" Roth IRA. It's an all or nothing maneuver, so if you have existing funds with a tax deferred basis, they...
Btw, the deadline for 2013 contributions is also April 13th. For those who are converting to a backdoor IRA, remember to keep a safe record of your 8606 forms.
Did the OP decide what to do? Your question is probably better suited for Bogleheads.org. With regards to REITS, do not hold them in taxable accounts. They are extremely inefficient. Consider using space in the Roth IRA for a heavy tilt towards REIT and fixed income, domestic equities in a 401k, and international equities in your trading account. This is probably the most tax efficient setup that I haven't quite mastered yet.
Or owe a lot of money. Most bonuses are taxed at a flat 28% rate. For people who are in the 33% and 39.6% tax bracket, and subject to AMT, there is high likelihood that you that you will pay money back to the IRS. E.g the upper middle class wage slave (150-400k).Maxing out a 401k and the backdoor IRA are really the only good tools for minimizing tax burdens on young, single professionals. Overweight investments in international equities may also provide some benefit,...
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