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It's not just the main zipper. It may also include additional hardware on the jacket (e.g. motorcycle styles). Sourcing better leather with a good grain, appropriate weight, and attractive dyes is costly. European/Western manufacturing demands a premium. The latter may not add much to the quality of the garment, but it makes a difference once products are marketed as "luxury" goods.
Even at a $150-450 pre-Brexit budget, you are working with a very limited budget for a leather jacket. Anything under $500 MSRP will likely be made in China with lower-end hardware. Your best bets are "high-street stores" like Zara, Banana Republic, Massimo Dutti, Scotch & Soda, etc. Higher quality leather jackets with improved design and East Asian manufacturing start around $1k USD. Examples would include Sandro, Theory, etc. If you are stateside, the best value...
+1Both jackets are awful. They are at least 1-1.5" too short and 2-3" too narrow through the chest.
Almost everything on the 2ND floor, including the Incotex, was 50% off. 200-250 is my best guess
Bergdorf and Barneys are both at 75% off. Barneys has three models of C&J at dirt cheap prices (~$250). A dark brown suede Tetbury, a brown casual wingtip boot, a pebble grain Chelsea, and a double monk. Sizing was super limited. Most of the good stuff at BG was at 50% off. Highlights included a JL two eyelet boot for around 1k with shoe trees in an 8UK. Lots of staple Incotex on the 2nd floor if you are size >32 or larger. BTW, I never noticed it before, but a...
You're going to have to try on all of those suggestions in person. As much as the Margiela aesthetic appeals to me, I haven't found a jacket that compliments my body type. Caruso is markedly different with a more structured chest and shoulder. Short and stocky guys will probably do better with a Caruso or Barena Venezia rather than a MMM or Dries Van Noten.
Are we getting trolled? Tom Ford suits with Rockports?
Other brands to consider Tod's or Hogan Car Shoe Pantofolo d'oro Sabelt I wear or have worn all of the above brands. Above average materials. Lifespan is similar to lesser priced sneakers (especially for the driving shoe variants)
Some recent stuff...
The prices on the Belvest are also excellent. That is a tough maker to find on a regular basis.
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