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If you work in any type of traditional field (e.g. medicine, law, management consulting, Ibanking, consulting, etc.) stick with conservative attire. Suit Supply and AE Park Avenues are adequate. A proper fitting suit and well maintained shoes will provide an edge in almost any interview.
It's definitely fake. RLBL cashmere sweaters were $595 MSRP iirc.
Both are too big. Too long in the body, and the sleeves in the first jacket are at least 2-3" too long.
Make sure to try them on first. The 337 and 348 are very different with regards to fit. The 337 is significantly wider, especially through the forefoot.
From my last major vacation... I'm more of a photographer than hiker. From the summit of Dalsnuten, near Sandnes/Stavanger, Norway River and waterfall between Myrdal and Flam, Norway
Trying to keep this thread alive... From the Delaware Water Gap on the NJ/PA border
Price drop and bump!
Currently up for auction on Ebay:
Try Boglioli or LBM 1911.
I smell a strong scent of troll in this post.
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