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hmm - really wish I could try them on in person, since the feedback seems mixed. if it helps, I do feel like I have some room in my size 8 TruBalance boots ( indys )
Quote: Originally Posted by Seafinch Yes. Thanks - you might have just cost me $650
I'd like to summon the powers of SF - would I be the same size on the Barrie that I am on the TruBalance? Thanks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Todd V Shasta, which beefrolls did you order? Sherman brothers just got me a pair of H410s in about a week. Yes, H410 It wasn't an order, it's a repair I'm waiting on. Wore them 3 times and the sole separated from the upper.
One month and no word from Alden on when I'll see my beefrolls. I get that it doesn't happen overnight but an estimate would sure make me more comfortable....
Quote: Originally Posted by Thor you mean like this? http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index...-Cigar_284.htm I wasn't sure if those have the natural edge or not?
does my dark twisted fantasy exist? cigar shell longwing natural edge fantasized I was wearing them last night mercy mercy me
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo I also recently purchased a pair of beefrolls in burgundy that was ordered for me by a local alden dealer. I was walking today and noticed separation of leather near the stitching where my feet bend. Has this happened to anyone else? I am not sure if I am describing this right and I currently don't have a camera. So your defect was different than what my pictures show? I just dropped off my...
Out of your size? My bad, yo. We don't stock anything. Besides vintage stools and negative space.
With regard to the sole issues I posted several pages back. So Alden instructed me to return them to the merchant (Blackbird) who would then send them in for inspection/repair. Leo at Blackbird has been great to work with but I have a feeling I will be short a core pair of my Aldie inventory for quite some time.... What sense does it make for m to ship these all the way to seattle when i could send these in to Alden myself and cut days off the transit time?
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