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Quote: Originally Posted by Thor you mean like this? http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index...-Cigar_284.htm I wasn't sure if those have the natural edge or not?
does my dark twisted fantasy exist? cigar shell longwing natural edge fantasized I was wearing them last night mercy mercy me
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo I also recently purchased a pair of beefrolls in burgundy that was ordered for me by a local alden dealer. I was walking today and noticed separation of leather near the stitching where my feet bend. Has this happened to anyone else? I am not sure if I am describing this right and I currently don't have a camera. So your defect was different than what my pictures show? I just dropped off my...
Out of your size? My bad, yo. We don't stock anything. Besides vintage stools and negative space.
With regard to the sole issues I posted several pages back. So Alden instructed me to return them to the merchant (Blackbird) who would then send them in for inspection/repair. Leo at Blackbird has been great to work with but I have a feeling I will be short a core pair of my Aldie inventory for quite some time.... What sense does it make for m to ship these all the way to seattle when i could send these in to Alden myself and cut days off the transit time?
Quote: Originally Posted by Newlaw Dress shirts are still $59.50... I don't really see the point. plus $5 for shipping - why would anyone do this?
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou Unfortunately I'm not on that level yet. Might have to track down some Blue Suede Indy's, though... (ravello wingtips, by the way) got my heritage gassed up today in my Aldie black calfskin wingtips. weakest shit ever.
Cigar Shell? Blue Suede? Indiana Jones Orthopedic shoes?
What's the deal with this stuff? It's not even priced at a discount
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou I'm guessing most of us read the site too... Get some Aldies and maybe you can holler.
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