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Ok - I'd really like to move these - let's try $375 Shipped CONUS
FYI - for future generations, I am the same size on the barrie that I am on the tru balance. Just call me an enabler
Like New Alden Unlined Penny Loafers. Size 8.5D I've worn these to work twice. Purchased at Hubert White in Minneapolis for $420, listing for SOLD shipped CONUS including the Woodlore Shoe Trees (a $25 value) and the Alden Shoe Bags. Sorry I no longer have the original Alden box but will take great care in packaging these to arrive flawlessly at your door. All the details from Shoe Mart - these are the exact same shoes featured...
I suck at life - just realized I own a pair on the Barrie Last http://winnperry.com/updates/alden-red-brick-buck/ I never wear them - wonder if I could get some cordovan $'s out of them? interest? sz 8D
hmm - really wish I could try them on in person, since the feedback seems mixed. if it helps, I do feel like I have some room in my size 8 TruBalance boots ( indys )
Quote: Originally Posted by Seafinch Yes. Thanks - you might have just cost me $650
I'd like to summon the powers of SF - would I be the same size on the Barrie that I am on the TruBalance? Thanks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Todd V Shasta, which beefrolls did you order? Sherman brothers just got me a pair of H410s in about a week. Yes, H410 It wasn't an order, it's a repair I'm waiting on. Wore them 3 times and the sole separated from the upper.
One month and no word from Alden on when I'll see my beefrolls. I get that it doesn't happen overnight but an estimate would sure make me more comfortable....
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