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Quote: Originally Posted by kaxixi My favorite over-the-ear headphones for travel are Sennheiser PX100s because: -- they are relatively inexpensive (though they are now twice as expensive as when I bought them) -- they collapse into the included carrier, which is quite durable -- they are easy to power, so sound good driven directly out of the iPod The PX100 is an open headphone, so it won't block outside noise at all. The PX200 is sealed, so it...
Totally can understand the space issues, but I've tried countless earbud models and they just don't work well with my ears - all have been either painful (feels like I'm 30 feet under water and the pressure is going to burst my ear drums), or they fall out quickly.
I'll be spending some time in the sky over the next year and was wondering what the best over the ear headphoens are for Travel. So far I've looked at Bose, Beats by Dre (solo), and Sennheiser. I'm looking for an over the ear model that is collapsable and portable. Reviews seem pretty hit or miss, would love to hear the forums thoughts.
WTF is this shit? what the hell happened here?
where can I find an unstructured navy blazer?
Quote: Originally Posted by x_quest Just got a new pair of Indys a week ago... is the sole separating from the welt normal? Theres seperation thats big enough to fit a business card through on both the left and right shoe. this happened to me on a pair of beefroll penny loafers. on my indy's the blucher stitching came out.
bump now $265
now $285
Hey Tom - do you guys have stock on the attorney shoe? Also wondering about cigar longwings. Thanks!
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