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typical actuary - overly analyzing a simple issue
I have two Pierrepont Hicks ties up for sale. I'm currently at work but can snap pictures if desired when I get home tonight. I've only worn each tie once or twice (which is why I am selling them) They are in immaculate shape with no stains or blemishes. From S/S '10, I have the Skinny Dipper - $40 Shipped CONUS And from their original launch and no longer available, I have the Mackers Two Tone - SOLD These ties retail for about $82. More information available at...
Let's sell these today - $200
I'm in a selling mood - $225
Just posted my pair of size 34 never-worn-out of the house Hoyts for sale in B&S. Hoping I can use the proceeds to fund a purchase of the next size up.
Up for grabs is a pair of EP's - Size 34 from Epaulet. All of the details can be found on the Epaulet product page I have not worn these out of the house. I washed them (cold water, no detergent), and air dryed them. Unfortunately, they were a little tight fitting before and I wasn't able to get them to stretch back out. I was foolish to think these were my size in the first place - but let my mistake be your gain....
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur ravello tassels Are those on the Aberdeen last? How does the Aberdeen compare to the Hampton Last? Same sizing? Or Barrie Last - size up 1/2 on the Aberdeen?
I have the nailhead suit and have been very happy with it
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