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Let's sell these today - $200
I'm in a selling mood - $225
Just posted my pair of size 34 never-worn-out of the house Hoyts for sale in B&S. Hoping I can use the proceeds to fund a purchase of the next size up.
Up for grabs is a pair of EP's - Size 34 from Epaulet. All of the details can be found on the Epaulet product page http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/t...yt-Jean/Detail I have not worn these out of the house. I washed them (cold water, no detergent), and air dryed them. Unfortunately, they were a little tight fitting before and I wasn't able to get them to stretch back out. I was foolish to think these were my size in the first place - but let my mistake be your gain....
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur ravello tassels Are those on the Aberdeen last? How does the Aberdeen compare to the Hampton Last? Same sizing? Or Barrie Last - size up 1/2 on the Aberdeen?
I have the nailhead suit and have been very happy with it
Quote: Originally Posted by kaxixi My favorite over-the-ear headphones for travel are Sennheiser PX100s because: -- they are relatively inexpensive (though they are now twice as expensive as when I bought them) -- they collapse into the included carrier, which is quite durable -- they are easy to power, so sound good driven directly out of the iPod The PX100 is an open headphone, so it won't block outside noise at all. The PX200 is sealed, so it...
Totally can understand the space issues, but I've tried countless earbud models and they just don't work well with my ears - all have been either painful (feels like I'm 30 feet under water and the pressure is going to burst my ear drums), or they fall out quickly.
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