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Great experience with buyer jwhayles. Fast payment and smooth communication. Enjoy the tie!
I don't get this - if its a zipper you have to remember to zip up, if its a button fly you have to remember to button up - what the hell do the buttons have to do with remembering to fasten your pants back up after peeing? Is the OP 8 years old?
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon its classic ivy prep to pop the collar on a blazer du... Didn't realize that - at least the collar from what I can tell doesn't have a ridiculous color underneath it. The ribbon on the cuffs feels a little Thom Browne ?
What do you guys think about the Alma_Mater Blazer that was released yesterday? I think I'm on the fence with it - but maybe that's just because they butchered the styling (a popped collar on a blazer? Come on!) There are referral codes out there for $50 off but even so I'm still not sure if this coat justifys the price tag?
Alden Beefroll Penny Mocs Size 8.5D
Taking the show to the 'bay - someone might score big here...
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