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Quote: Originally Posted by joonian wow, bean sizes are 'generous'. 23" chest on an M? I believe this has been pretty well established - every blogger I've seen write about this sweater recommends sizing down
Quote: Originally Posted by tedbearz why not just exchange at LL Bean. They have a generous exchange policy. I realize They do, I've used it many times - but I am looking to fund a shoe purchase and can make do with one less sweater.
Quote: Originally Posted by choweee From the shoulder seam (not the pit) to the end of the wrist opening, if I'm not mistaken. that's how I did it, I just re- measured and came up with 25.5"
what is the proper way to measure sleeves? I wouldn't say these are shorter than standard medium sized garments?
Hello, Selling my like new LL Bean Norwegian Sweater, Size M. Fits a little too generously on me. Looking for Sold shipped CONUS. Worn 3-5 times since purchased in October. Measurements: Pit-Pit 23" Length 26" Sleeve 24"
Anyone looking for some Alden Red Brick Bucks? I am selling my winn perry make ups in B&S
Hello, Interested in selling my Winn Perry Alden Red Brick Bucks. These Alden bucks are in immaculate shape - I only wore them a couple times last summer and they've always been stored with shoe trees. They are size 8D on the Barrie Last. I bought these from Winn Perry last Spring for $450. Asking $300 shipped CONUS. Again, these are in beautiful shape - there is one small dirt spot on the right shoe that can be taken out with a suede/nubuck brush (that I don't...
Selling this J. Press Shaggy Dog. The blue color is slightly darker in person than these pictures show. Looking for Sold! shipped CONUS. I wore this sweater once, pardon the wrinkles in the pictures below I can assure you there are no holes or tears. Approximate Measurements: Sleeve (measured from shoulder seam) - 24" Length (back from collar to bottom) - 27" Pit - Pit - 21"
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