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Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Is anyone else worried that Alden is expanding too rapidly? I hope they have a plan to contract back down after the latest trend in men's footwear dies down. They have seen rapid growth with many retailers. I just worry that once they aren't the "gotta have" shoe, they will be stuck with huge inventories. why would you be worried about them having huge inventoires? If that were the case, wouldn't...
What would the forum's reccomendation be on pairing a belt with snuff suede. Do most people go with a matching snuff suede belt? Predominently talking about when wearing snuff suede in a more formal setting (i.e. with a business suit).
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold +1 +2
Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k This is in no way a thread shit, I'm genuinely curious and they look like nice shoes: How come these bucks are so expensive? Are they limited/special? Consider this a free bump for you anyway you look at it. GL with the sale These are a custom make-up per Winn Perry's specs, so yes, they are limited/special. Why do Alden Calf Skin Wingtips go for $425 when similar styles can be had for less from other mfgrs?
bump - $265. This will be the last bump gents.
bump - $275 shipped CONUS
Quote: Originally Posted by joonian wow, bean sizes are 'generous'. 23" chest on an M? I believe this has been pretty well established - every blogger I've seen write about this sweater recommends sizing down
Quote: Originally Posted by tedbearz why not just exchange at LL Bean. They have a generous exchange policy. I realize They do, I've used it many times - but I am looking to fund a shoe purchase and can make do with one less sweater.
Quote: Originally Posted by choweee From the shoulder seam (not the pit) to the end of the wrist opening, if I'm not mistaken. that's how I did it, I just re- measured and came up with 25.5"
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