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Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold +1 +2
Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k This is in no way a thread shit, I'm genuinely curious and they look like nice shoes: How come these bucks are so expensive? Are they limited/special? Consider this a free bump for you anyway you look at it. GL with the sale These are a custom make-up per Winn Perry's specs, so yes, they are limited/special. Why do Alden Calf Skin Wingtips go for $425 when similar styles can be had for less from other mfgrs?
bump - $265. This will be the last bump gents.
bump - $275 shipped CONUS
Quote: Originally Posted by joonian wow, bean sizes are 'generous'. 23" chest on an M? I believe this has been pretty well established - every blogger I've seen write about this sweater recommends sizing down
Quote: Originally Posted by tedbearz why not just exchange at LL Bean. They have a generous exchange policy. I realize They do, I've used it many times - but I am looking to fund a shoe purchase and can make do with one less sweater.
Quote: Originally Posted by choweee From the shoulder seam (not the pit) to the end of the wrist opening, if I'm not mistaken. that's how I did it, I just re- measured and came up with 25.5"
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