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I have both. The Balmoral has a slimmer profile and will be better for wearing to the office (suits, trousers, and khakis). Because of the slim profile, I wouldn't reccomend it for wear with Jeans. The Longwing can also be worn in a business formal setting, but would be much easier to wear with Jeans or casual pants. So I'd actually say the Blucher is a little more versatile if you're looking for an all around workhorse shoe.
I wear an 8 on the TruBalance (Indy's) - these fit me perfectly ( 8 Barrie)
Knocking off another $20 $215
I would love to sell my Alden Red Brick Bucks this week....
Bump $235
Just got my snuff seude belt from the San Fran Alden Shop. Dealing with Robert was wonderful. Perfectly matches my Snuff LWB's from Leffot!
where can i find an off the rack, natural shouldered, 2 button navy blazer?
Bump $250
wow! cookie crisp!
Snuff Suede Strongwings - from Leffot
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