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The two shirts I received today were way too huge - Just did a quick exchange for a size down, but I'm still thinking they might be going back.....
Quote: Originally Posted by JPYPSU07 What is the free shipping code, I can't find it, want to pull the trigger on one of the madras shirts. Must not have tried very hard.... http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...&postcount=166
I'm wearing my AL blazer today - got it in less than a week, and I love it! Needs some minor tweaking ( sleeves a hair long), but other than it fit great right out of the box!
Ordered on Monday, Delivery is scheduled for Friday - not too bad at all for free shipping.
EA has several really nice looking belts - almost kopped the blackwatch plaid one.
Quote: Originally Posted by poena how do i get a student discount? whether buying online or in person? i've never even knew about this! Just show your ID in person, online, you'd have to provide them with a .edu email address I believe, and you'd have to call the order in to reqeust it. It doesn't work on designer collabs like Alden, Ray Ban etc.
First day wearing my Bal Hampton Black Wingtips - best fitting, most comfortable dress shoe I've ever had. I'm going to have a tough time beating this Adlen addiction - so far 2 pairs in 2 weeks.
My good deed of the day - free shipping code 3017543 The only thing to note is that this causes the estimated arrival to go from 2-5 days to 6-8 days. Saved me $9.95 in shipping on two shirts though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet You know it boyee! Better believe we'll be nursing a Grain Belt Premium induced hangover for several days!
Just wanted to say how great Mike has been to work with. I came down with the Alden addiction pretty hard after recieving my Indy's and Mike was able to set me up with a pair of Alden Wingtips in under a week in addition to getting back to every single one of my questions lightning quick. Definitely the best customer service experience I've ever had - thanks again Mike for all of the help!
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