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Quote: Originally Posted by Vaitek I am going to start off with these: I love a lot of these suggestions, but the ones I chose look like they will work with most everything else I have at the moment. This is a dangerous and expensive road I'm heading down... Be careful - I bought the Chromexcel Indy Boots from Mike and ended up ordering wingtips 2 days later. Alden's are addicting!
My 3 J. Press shirts are easily my favorites in the rotation. Nothing but great things to say.
Every "F-Word" Medicine?
whoa this loooks just like the J Crew Timex!!!!
these were on beyond the rack for that same price about a week ago.
yeah this was worth starting a new thread when then is already an LL Bean Signature Thread going....
Quote: Originally Posted by the_state how does the sizing compare to, say, a j crew secret wash shirt/? seems to me that it's 1.5 - 2 times the j crew secret wash fit
The two shirts I received today were way too huge - Just did a quick exchange for a size down, but I'm still thinking they might be going back.....
Quote: Originally Posted by JPYPSU07 What is the free shipping code, I can't find it, want to pull the trigger on one of the madras shirts. Must not have tried very hard....
I'm wearing my AL blazer today - got it in less than a week, and I love it! Needs some minor tweaking ( sleeves a hair long), but other than it fit great right out of the box!
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