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Quote: Originally Posted by tbabes Here's a great site for all of the smokeless tobacco users... http://www.quitsmokeless.org/ haha it's funny that the hall of fame coin looks like the bottom of a can of cope
Quote: Originally Posted by Kris Witch raiser? Merkur 34C is the standard http://www.bullgooseshaving.net/merkur34chd.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie5566 Where are you supposed to store all this stuff. My wife is going to hate me. It's not that big of a deal - I store my razor and brush in my cup. They also make stands that hold the razor and brush.
Since I started shaving about 12 years ago now, I have gone through countless electrics (most recently the Philips Arcitec 1050), and several cartridge razors (most recently a shick quattro). My experience has been that the effects of the electric are not long lasting (need to shave again at noon), that they cause ingrowns, and that over time you have to replace the heads which can be up to $50. My luck wasn't much better with the mach 3's and quattros. Then, I...
My daily watch is a Hamilton Khaki Field Officer - cost was around 500 - great value
Original Poster is such a tool...sigh
Loomstate for Target had a fair amount of menswear selections last year.
A more "grown up" option is to make Stoli Doli's Stoli Doli 1 fresh pineapple, cut into chunks 1 750ml bottle of vodka Place the pineapple chunks into a large glass container, and pour the vodka over them. Cover, and refrigerate for three to four days. Strain out pineapple, and serve vodka over ice.
God those new Alden Navy Suede Chukkas are just sick!
chicago Ron - you sounds like a pretty sweet dude to hang out with. Nailed it right on the head with what the ideal Vegas weekend should look like.
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