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Quote: Originally Posted by michaelw thank you from tom at ls love the higher number of eyelets on that boot! Is that a model he currently stocks?
Quote: Originally Posted by waystinthyme thanks, any suggestions on where to find it for under retail? -waystinthyme My jeweler sells hamilton for retail less 35%.
these guys are new to market within the last few months...gotta cut them some slack. They got some blogger love so I'm sure they weren't prepared for the order rush. Still wish they would make a "nude" colored sock
Kopped today - so crispy! Unlined Penny Flex Welt in Tan Suede
just got an email confirming that my order shipped
interesting I ordered a 3 pack Monday and haven't heard anything. I know they had no inventory in June but thought they were back instock. at least I used paypal so I'm protected...
Are the shoulder pads/cut of the shoulder on a Size 44 coat any different than those on a Size 42?
Quote: Originally Posted by tbabes Here's a great site for all of the smokeless tobacco users... haha it's funny that the hall of fame coin looks like the bottom of a can of cope
Quote: Originally Posted by Kris Witch raiser? Merkur 34C is the standard
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie5566 Where are you supposed to store all this stuff. My wife is going to hate me. It's not that big of a deal - I store my razor and brush in my cup. They also make stands that hold the razor and brush.
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