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Quote: Originally Posted by .Impulsv @shasta: Are those shell or calf? calf
Definitely True to Size. I'm an 8 in the 405 Indy Boot, 8.5 in the Beefroll
Look what just showed up from blackbird - The Alden Beefroll Penny Moc in Burgundy. Sorry for the crappy Iphone pics - I'm at work
Hello, Looking for some guidance on sizing. How does the cape cod last fit compared to the Van Last and the Hampton? I take in 8.5D in both Van and Hampton, so would that be my size on the Cape Cod as well? Thanks!
YMMV - While it has a very pungent/mascuilne smell going on, it fades fast and I wouldn't consider it very effective
Quote: Originally Posted by amnesiac arm and hammer essentials deodorant. i've used it for the last 2 years. I sweat less than no deodorant and I don't smell at the end of the day. Baking soda ftw. FYI this has triclosan in it
Just want to give Mike a tip of the hat for all the help with getting me set up with my Hoyt's. Mike went out of his way to let me try several sizes and inseams out and never steered me wrong. That's the world class Epaulet service that you're going to be rewarded with for working with Mike. Like you said Mike - Just put some wear into them and they'll stretch right back out - albeit not a ton. I was really nervous that I'd ruined these in the wash with all the...
I think you need a chunky wingtip in order to make it work with denim. I.e. an alden longwing in #8 shell cordovan. I have black Balmoral Alden wingtips that are my business shoes and because of the slimmer profile, they look silly with straight cut jeans. Maybe with a really tapered leg you could get buy with a slimmer wingtip..
only Paul Smith brushes for me - $12 a pop and I throw them out about every 2 weeks or so
ooops didn't read your post.
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