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What's the deal with this stuff? It's not even priced at a discount
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou I'm guessing most of us read the site too... Get some Aldies and maybe you can holler.
I took hard drugs on holidays. And holidayed on hard drugs.
If style happens in the forest does anyone see it? My shirt is half-tucked. My Jeep is all-wheel drive. I am fully erect.
I've seen you in your Allen Edmonds. Weakest shit on earth. You call those shoes? Did your mom pick them out? Hanukkah money goes a long way.
the dopest dope - obviously.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Wow that's pretty severe for only 4 weeks. How hard did you wear them? I picked up a pair of beefrolls in burgundy from a local shop about a week ago, hopefully this wouldn't happen to me. Nothing out of the ordinary. If people are under the illusion that alden is the best quality shoe out there they need to think again. Just browsing this thread there is way too much frequency in defects.
This might be my last straw with Alden. Check out what is going on with my Beefroll Penny Mocs that I recieved just 4 weeks ago. Probably about 5 wears on them right now. I'm not well versed in shoe speak, but it appears to me that the sole is separating from the upper on the inside of each shoe. The last picture is of the outiside so you can see how this should look. Email sent off to Blackbird and Alden, I'll keep you posted on what happens.....
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc is that a dachshund?
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Aberdeen Fair Isle Sweater? I'm a Medium in the secret wash shirts, so should I go with that size on the sweater as well?
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