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I thought an LWS was a totally sweet Alden shoe I had never even heard of before - thanks for clarifying
what's an lws?
wow - I love this idea! going to stop tonight after work and pick up a buffing wheel! Why didn't I think of this?
what is the trick for touching up the natural antique oak edge? I have the LSxSF #8 shortwings that have taken a couple shots to the edge on the toe
cool - I looked back a few pages and it sounds like the godfather himself (tom at leathersoul) just wears them right out of the box, so that's what I'll go for as well.I had read somewhere that wax polishes arent the best. What do most people go with for #8 shell?
My #8 shortwings just showed up from leathersoul. Wow, I'm so glad I pulled the trigger. Ordered on Thursday evening, and they were at my desk first thing monday morning. Being this is my first experience with shell - are there any precuations to take when breaking these in? Obviously, shoe trees are an obvious need, but I thought I had read somewhere about using a pen to control the creasing? Thanks!
getting pretty close to page 1,000!
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Does anyone here get Alden belts to match their Aldens? If so, can you weigh in on the quality and sizing? Thanks. I picked up a snuff suede belt to match my snuff suede strong wings from Leffot. Leather is butter soft and I sized up to a 36 (I have a 33/34 waist)
Quote: Originally Posted by phantomx48 I know, but sometimes a deal is too good to pass up. With so many pairs of Alden's (and three more on the way), gotta mix it up once in a while. zappos?
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