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can you please furnish me with an example? thanks
Thank you. Very educational. I cannot go up in size as the mid section of the jacket(s) will be too large. I typically do MTM but was hoping against hope Here is an isia i had made. Is the shoulder better?
Thank you. I cannot possibly go smaller, notwithstanding that the shoulders may look large. It's right in me at the shoulder. Perhaps it's the model.
just got these from Eton. Any thoughts on fit? Thanks
Weekend wear
The jacket is Isaia. The shirt and trousers are blue. Friday wear. A little fun factor. Rest of the week is always traditional lawyer garb.
first post here. Be gentle
Max Verre i believe. Here's another shot:
These got blasted over in the Men's Clothing forum. I thought they were kinda fun. Love to hear y'alls' thoughts. Thanks.
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