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Weekend wear
The jacket is Isaia. The shirt and trousers are blue. Friday wear. A little fun factor. Rest of the week is always traditional lawyer garb.
first post here. Be gentle
Max Verre i believe. Here's another shot:
These got blasted over in the Men's Clothing forum. I thought they were kinda fun. Love to hear y'alls' thoughts. Thanks.
Perhaps "boring" was not the right term. The second shoe is an Anthony Cleverly Churchill. I thought it was actually quite nice. The waist bevel is beautiful. I didn't think the shoe was flashy at all unless non "classic" equates with flashy. Then again; apparently i wouldn't know "classic" if it hit me in the face. If it is some of the revered brands on SF, many are quite "flashy" by comparison. So i guess we have come full circle. The point i was trying to make, albeit...
One of the boring ones
Code:Thanks. Like most here, I have more shoes than one needs. The black monk is to be worn primarily in a casual way. I have plenty of "boring" work shoes. As such, while obviously looking for quality and "value," aesthetics are equally important.
Would love some suggestions. Thanks.
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