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Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku ! i think its official that you've taken (at least temporarily) pejsek's title of thrifting god. i salute you.
Quote: Originally Posted by UFN Stowa. /U. second this. maybe an airman or marine original?
Another cheap decent option could be to get your hair cut at a hair cutting school.
i really like banana republic basic tees. theyre fairly cheap on sale, comfortable, and fit my body well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brinbro Black boots or brown boots for this winter? I can only afford one pair. I like the black aesthetic but feel they only go with black pants/jeans or grey (and I don't like most grey jeans); brown I feel can go with dark jeans/black jeans as well as age more beautifully over time. Help meee.. http://www.gimmeshoes.com/images/22/27/1375-.D.jpg or http://www.gimmeshoes.com/images/22/27/1350-.D.jpg I'd go...
You could also bike. Or get a Hawaii chair.
Agree vehemently with the sandals with socks. I cringe when people wear athletic socks with their dress shoes. Terrible.
Got totally sucked into the Incotex frenzy.
Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Buying them so cheap on this forum did not stop me for paying recently about 16O USD per pair (ChinoLino and jeans). Their jeans fit exactly as some of their slim fitted models (e.g. HighComfort) and made from japanese denim. Are the Incotex jeans available in US? I'm pretty sure I've seen Incotex jeans at Daffy's as well.
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