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Brand new ISAIA tie for sale - $35 shipped within the continental US. Tie is a gorgeous green/navy paisley. Also added a NWT Gianfranco Ferre tie for $25 shipped within the US. Tie is black with light blue and white/silver stripes. Measures approximately 3.625" at widest point by 56" in length Buy both for $50.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Wow, we hit the jackpots on the same day! I finally found a Kiton suit. A 100% CASHMERE SUIT!!!! In perfect condition, fits like a glove. $29.92 A Kiton Blue Blazer, seems to be a size too large for me. It is shown as a 58L, but fits like a 44-46, not really a L. A Zegna, 1/4 lined travel blazer for $4.00 somehow still basted shut. I am not sure if I will keep it or see if the thrifters want to trade for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku ! i think its official that you've taken (at least temporarily) pejsek's title of thrifting god. i salute you.
Quote: Originally Posted by UFN Stowa. /U. second this. maybe an airman or marine original?
Another cheap decent option could be to get your hair cut at a hair cutting school.
i really like banana republic basic tees. theyre fairly cheap on sale, comfortable, and fit my body well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brinbro Black boots or brown boots for this winter? I can only afford one pair. I like the black aesthetic but feel they only go with black pants/jeans or grey (and I don't like most grey jeans); brown I feel can go with dark jeans/black jeans as well as age more beautifully over time. Help meee.. http://www.gimmeshoes.com/images/22/27/1375-.D.jpg or http://www.gimmeshoes.com/images/22/27/1350-.D.jpg I'd go...
You could also bike. Or get a Hawaii chair.
Agree vehemently with the sandals with socks. I cringe when people wear athletic socks with their dress shoes. Terrible.
Got totally sucked into the Incotex frenzy.
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