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Hi all, If anyone has a pair of GATs in a size 10.5 US (which I believe is a 280), please PM me. Willing to negotiate on price. Thanks!
If anybody has a size 280 (or 10.5US) new or used, please PM me. -cheers
Glad to see I've generated a bit of interest in another group order. If enough members express a liking for this piece, we might set to work on the project. However, I'd suggest switching out the buttons for a dark horn, for example (the Inverallan x NexusVII collab):
Zissou, Any chance of a future group order for a shawl-collared Inverallan? Thanks.
Can these be purchased anywhere nowadays (particularly the shawl cardigan)? I realize they've closed up shop, but are they still accepting group orders, or have they done any collaboration work perhaps? Thanks, all.
Please PM. -Cheers
Hello all, Anyone know where to find a pair of classic GATs? There usually seems to be a thread advertising a small lot of them in the FS forum, but I cannot seem to find any lately. Any advice is well appreciated. Ta!
Please let me know if you've got any for sale, would really like a pair of these for S/S. Cheers!
bump: surely someone is looking to flog a pair of these jeans?
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