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2010 DR in Dark Whiskey Calf. I couldn't be happier with the fit, it's exactly what I wanted. Anyone sitting on the fence, my advice; jump. [[SPOILER]]
2010 DR in dark whiskey calf ordered this week. Looks like a beautiful colour from the sample pic and the collared moto in the gallery; couldn't believe there was some left. Anyone else get this leather and care to post a picture? This wait will kil me........
My gateway Jawnz arrived a few weeks ago. I love it. Planning which leather to get now! Many thanks guys. Navy/Cream. Size 48.
Got myself one of the light-weight jackets, international delivery was very quick. Very nice jacket at a good price, will wear it for years to come. Thanks.
Opinions appreciated on these two belsatff jackets, am purchasing one tomorrow. The first is the belstaff lion blouson, not in black like the one below. It's two-tone: black brown shoulders, outside sleve and over zip, and the rest is a yellowy brown. The second is a black, classic biker style. Not sure how I'd wear this one? There going for €350, so a bit of a steal. Can't afford both at the moment unfortunately.
I'm torn between two belstaff jackets I can get a great deal on; appreciate any opinions. The first is very similar to this one. Black classic biker type: http://www.belstaff.com/index.php?pa...art&Itemid=457 The second is the following jacket: http://www.filmjackets.com/FEATURES/...ere.htmHowever the jacket is two tone It's a two-tone jacket in burnt brown and burnt cuero (I think).
Hi, anyone know a way to get a comprehensive list of bestaff stockists. I'm visiting Boston, from ireland, next month and want to see if I can pick one up? 'Cougar' in black-brown I think. One possible stockist in the Boston area was mentioned already. The guys from belstaff have been less than helpful. Any suggestions really appreciated. Or suggest a better learther jacket to spend a ridiculous amount of money on while in Boston. Schott? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: