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Those are beautiful! Too bad I need E width.
Just had a good experience with swb120. Shipping was quick and the suspenders look great!
Just received a great Isaia sportcoat from meauounji. This was part of the giant thread of 40R sportcoats that he had. It looks great, I just wish the other coats in that thread had not been out of my budget!
Just picked up a straight razor from Morgan. Not the usual kind of SF item, but I was happy to get a great deal. Moragan is a great seller!
I just received buttons from Naturlaut II, they look fantastic. They really have a nice "MOP shine" that is deeper than other MOP buttons I've seen. And as you know, they are nice and substantial. Highly recommended!
PM sent on remaining braces.
I just got some great mother-of-pearl buttons from Naturlaut II. They look great!
I ended up getting a response from moderntailor about my white shirt that doesn't conform to the measurements I gave them. They agreed to redo it and send me a new shirt. We'll see how long it takes and if they get it right this time. Just to make sure there's no confusion, I sent them the "shirt measurements" in an email, instead of the "body measurements" that I had given them before.
How high are the armholes on these? What is the measurement from the bottom of the armpit to the bottom of the jacket?
Just had a quick transaction with triathlete. Recommended!
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