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Quote: Originally Posted by browniecj Have you tried to conact the Company here,in Britain?Iknow they are slow but.... yeah i did .. they said they sent it but apparently Royal Mail is experiencing delays since Thanksgiving
Quote: Originally Posted by Ikouja (Last UK purchase was a bottle of hot sauce that just got here today...ordered probably close to a month ago.. ) so im not the only one whos waiting for over a month for parcel from UK
baby powder on thighs .. helps prevent sweating
... any corny white/asian/hipster/scenester girl pics? i need my fix
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster I feel like I should be rolling through East Falls with the windows down, yelling "Diddy! Diiiiddddyyyyy!! Come home Diddy!" and posting "Missing" signs on telephone poles. ill do this with you i got a van with loudspeakers on top....
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock ATTN. ELDAVE. STOP RIPPING OFF MY STOCK PICKS ON VIRTUAL STOCK EXCHANGE. Thank you poly oh snap iii i forgot my vsx ... and i cant find the links
the revenge of bed, westside and edmond/carbon?
who broke the future?
have to agree with hand color test.......
i know ... scared for a minute
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