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Cranes - do you still have any 9.5's in stock? Looking to pick up a pair in brown this week.
Hey guys, None of the gift card exchange websites accept gift cards from the Sunglass Hut, and I've got one for $100 that I don't need. I'm willing to sell it for $75 shipped CONUS. If you're interested I can give you the card number to verify the balance. Happy Holidays
Received a fantastic suit today from TweedyDon. Accurate measurements and very fast responses to my many questions, a real pleasure to deal with. Also wanted to mention Nataku - sold him a suit recently and everything went well.
I have a large (50S?) Kiton suit for trade. SOLD Details: 100% wool, side vents, 3 roll 2, greenish-gray color (olive at the thrift store, gray at home) measurements (in inches): jacket chest: 25 waist: 24 sleeves: 23.5 with 1 inch fabric back: 32 shoulders: 21 pants waist: 40 inseam: 26 rise: 14 Pictures: Not looking to get much for this, just want to find someone who can wear and enjoy this great suit. SOLD shipped or anything of similar value...
Hello fellow thrifters, Today I stumbled upon a wonderful Kiton suit. Unfortunately, it is way too large for me. I decided to get it anyway and try and give it away here to someone who could get some use out of it. It only cost me $3, so I will sell it for SOLD shipped in the US. Color-wise, it's a greenish gray that looked olive in the thrift shop but almost completely gray when I got home. Here are some pics: As you can see from the tag, it's a large...
Found a Barney's merino wool sweater at an estate sale today for $2. Seems to be in great condition and fits me pretty well, so I'm happy.
Found a Brooks Brothers 3 pc wool suit from the 70's, $6.50 It's tagged a 40r but it was clearly for someone large in the waist; I bought it for my brother who is 6'0 165lbs but the waist in the pants and jacket are too big. If anyone's interested I can supply additional measurements/pics otherwise its going to the bay. The suit is a grayish-brown color with faint blue/red check, the best pic color wise is the vest.
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