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Hi everyone, I recently purchased a pair of Carmina suede tassel loafers in size 6.5US, but they are way too tight for my feet. I sent the shoes back and now i want to buy the Alden suede dark brown tassel loafer, but i'm sure what size to get. Can any Alden owners advise me on what size to get... I usually wear size 7 US Tod's 7 US converse 8.5 Sperry Thanks, Marcin
Hi, I need to buy a nice white shirt that you wouldn't be able to see through it for summer weekend outing to go good with a blazer. Any good brand recommendations?? I am willing to spend no more than $120. Any help would be great.
Can anyone tell me where i can buy the Santoni string loafer online??
Hi can anyone tell me who makes this bracelet???  
Hi everyone! I have an opportunity to buy ferragamo ankle boots for a good price but i;m not sure what size to get. I usually wear size 7 US in Tod's, Hugo Boss, Converse... should i get a size 7 US in ferragamos as well?? Any help would be great.
hi all! I'm intresed in buying some rrl selage jeans. Can anyone tell me how they fit? I have big thighs and i usually wear a size 30. SHould i go 2 sizes up? will they shrink? I need jeans that have around 12 in the thighs. Thanks!
Hi All!! I'm looking to buy my first pair of RRL, but i'm not sure what size to buy. I usually wear a size 30 waist, but i always buy 2 sizes bigger because i have big thighs. Does any one know how the RRL Selvedge jean fits? Can anybody recommend some other good jeans that are not that tight on the thighs? I just want my jeans to be fit on the waist and not too tight on the thighs. Thanks in advance!
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