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received the belts awesome! it's exactly as I thought 5cm longer so fit 32/36 really thanks again!
^ simple. I wear 32 and I currently have 100cm identical (albeit black/orange) H belt
SOLD and payment sent...
insane deal wish was my size :/
interested in (1) 46 - 23" chest, 28" sleeves, 19.5" shoulders, 31.5" length. pants - 40" waist, 11.5" rise please PM me back w/price/etc
definitely interested, shoot me over some pics and measurements thank you
Tom Ford Gray Polo shirt ^ SOLD and paid for... thanks
can you pls get me measurements on Tom Ford Gray Polo Shirt - Cotton and Silk - Size 56 - New with tags Price is $135 shipped
if you could get this in 54 or 56 I'd buy it in a heartbeat :/
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